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NE-MARINE , founded in 1974, are specialists when it comes to the repair and maintenance of fishing vessels. The service offered is based on a number of products which we manufacture ourselves, including: Towing gantries for use in stern trawling, allowing automatic towing through 2 or 3 trolleys.This gantry type has a patent pending, and is ideal for use in pair trawling. We also produce split winches, unloading winches, anchor winches, auxiliary winches, cable winches and derrick booms. In addition, we have products like front gears, single, double and split net drums, blocks, and mechanical and hydraulic bilge pumps.

All these products are made in the very highest quality, based on our great insight into the fishing industry and its need for equipment that works effectively even in the harshest of weather conditions.  


NE-MARINE A/S is also an authorised dealer of Caterpillar, Baudouin and Gardner engines, as well as stocking Mann filters and Desmi pumps, plus, CJC separators and filter cartridges.


Vestre Strandvej 13,  DK- 9990 Skagen
+ 45 9844 4400
Telefax:+ 45 9845 0310